Fakhrul Ridha

Hi, I'm a UX & Digital Product Designer - a curious problem solver definers who loves creating meaningful products - with a passion for solving problems and creating user-centered products and experiences.

I grew up in the westernmost part of Indonesia, Aceh. After graduating from high school and until now I have settled in Jakarta

What I Do

UX Design

As a UX designer I'm conducting user research, design, write UX copy, validate/test with the user and sell/present the design solution to the business. It’s the UX designer’s role to be the voice of the user and advocate for the users needs while balancing the business goals.

UI Design

UI design focuses on the user’s visual experience. It determines how a user interacts with an interface - be it an app or a website. It’s all about how the user navigates from A to B via different visual touch points.

Copy Writer

To some writers, writing online content is basically equivalent to journalism. We contribute articles to e-zines, corporate blogs, and other such places on the web. Yet more content writers spend our days working exclusively for small businesses, and some even write content for government websites.

How I Work






3+ Years Experience


Interaction Design Foundation

UX School & Course

The Interaction Design Foundation(IDF) is an independent non-profit initiative established in 2002 in Denmark. Its purpose is to democratize knowledge of User Experience, product design and human-computer interaction at a low-cost and high quality.

2018 - 2020
Gunadarma University

Master's Degree Management Information System

Specialization of Business Information Systems

2013 - 2017
Gunadarma University

Bachelor's Degree Information Systems


2018 - Current
Telekomunikasi Indonesia

UX Designer / UX Lead at Tribe Enterprise

Leading the design team (researcher & designer) of an internal-external-partner digital product and manage the development of a UX design solution to achieve the product vision (user-business needs)


UX and UI Designer

collaborate with product manager and engineer to gather and evaluate user requirements and doing user research and competitive analysis

UX Indonesia

UX Researcher

Working for some client to a systematic investigation of users and their requirements, in order to add context and insight into the process of designing the user experience

2016 - 2018
Gunadarma University

BAPSI Assistant

BAPSI is a bureau at Gunadarma University which has the function of planning, developing, implementing and maintaining information technology facilities at Gunadarma University.

2015 - Current

Freelance UX and UI Designer


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